NDS Radiance Surgical Monitors

NDS Radiance Surgical Monitors written by: rockyvkey

The NDS Radiance series is the most advanced high definition medical imaging system commonly used for minimally invasive surgical and interventional procedures. It enables surgeons to have the clinical confidence that the endoscopic images they view in different rooms and on different size displays are exactly the same.

It enables simultaneous viewing of images by incorporating NDS’ proprietary advanced image processing technologies, providing a unique multi-modality platform, resulting in unprecedented accuracy, efficiency and collaboration for operating and clinician teams. It is also easy to use with optional touch screen interface.

NDS radiance monitors by ndssi are fully compatible with all monitoring equipment and has lockable display controls for security and safety purposes. These surgical monitors also have a very fast response time with a sweep speed of up to 50mm/sec and have flexible mounting options. Another advantage of these surgical monitors is that they also have bedside monitoring.

The précised color calibration achieved using color correction technology (CCT) ensures consistent color response in the NDS radiance monitors thus surgeons can have the clinical confidence that the endoscopic image they view in different rooms and on different sizes are exactly the same. These advanced LED surgical monitors utilize the latest light emitting diode (LED) technology which enables them to consume less power and hence reducing energy costs. Also, new models are slimmer and lighter in weight and they run cool thereby eliminating the heat dissipation issues of older technologies.

NDS radiance monitors also support 3G-SDI and optional Single fiber inputs making them suitable for the most advanced digital OR installations. These surgical monitors are also very compliant with the 3rd Edition of medical safety standard and RoHS requirements, thus NDS radiance monitors are a future-proof investment.

Advanced Image Processing (AIP)
NDS radiance monitors have the capability to accept videos or data from multiple modalities and combine them into one seamless image. This gives any surgical or interventional specialty the ability to view a radiological image inoder to locate a clinical abnormality and perform the intervention needed under the most precise visualization. This in turn reduces occurrences of procedural risks and results in improved patient outcomes and cost and its time saving.

Radiance Displays
NDS radiance monitor displays include:
24” NDS Radiance G2
26” NDS Radiance G2
55” NDS Radiance G2
NDS Radiance with touch -this versatile medical visualization system offers an IR touch screen that enables a multitude of interactive applications.
NDS Radiance with full MMI -this radiance monitor offers full multi-modality imaging capabilities that allows two input sources to be viewed simultaneously on the same display with a variety of different on-screen viewing options.

Image Lag Reduction (ILR)
NDS radiance monitors have an image lag reduction technology which uses advanced interpolation algorithms to deliver the fastest video response time with virtually lag free imaging. This reason and also the fact that they have the latest high-end 24” surgical display greatly optimizes surgical navigation.

Picture Perfect Technology (PPT)
NDS radiance monitors are also fitted with a picture perfect technology which has smoothing algorithms that eliminate the jagged edges that appear when interlaced video signals are displayed on a flat panel monitor. This results in utmost clarity of the pictures thus contributing to a smooth navigation of the surgery.

the distributor www.synergymedco.com


the manufacture www.ndssi.com